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Cameron and Rachele… The Wedding <3

Oh there are SO many things I could write in this blog post…

Isabel and I arrived in the Barossa on Saturday morning to find four chilled out ladies, who were having a lot of fun.  A lot of fun as in every second or two a line would come out that would have us giggling whilst trying to capture the joy in the room.    It quickly became apparent that trying to shoot this wedding straight-laced was not going to work.  These girls are seriously cool.  I stole the bridesmaids away to take some pretty and ‘safe’ shots in the pretty grasses around the hotel and was again, reminded that these girls (and boys) don’t do fake – they are as real and as gorgeous as you can be – and you can take it or leave it.  From then on, we let our hair down, rolled with the punches and shot it as it happened. :)

Being that both Isabel and I had left behind toddler kidlets to come and play at Cameron and Rachele’s wedding, we were loving being around the incredibly cute Audriena for the day.  After being on her feet all day, she sat at the reception and waited ever so patiently for her dinner, only to have her little face light up with a massive smile and a jaw dropping gasp at… “DIPPING SAUCE” on her plate.

Whilst I teased the bridesmaids about what I would and would not be putting in this blog post (Cough, Tang and Lee), it is with the utmost of sincerity that I say we had the most wonderful time being included in your day, and we wish you only the best for your little family in the the future.  Cameron and Rachele, you are just beautiful, and we look forward to having coffee showing you the rest of your images soon.



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Joe and Jen… The Wedding!

So, in my line of work, it’s safe to say I get to meet many many couples as they approach their wedding and become husband and wife.  Some couples like to get all Tom Cruise on the couch excited (OK, so that didn’t go so well, but you get the visual).  Others are simply quiet about their love for one another.  Joe and Jen fall into the latter category.

Ever since I met Joe, I have been on the back foot with his dead pan humour, which I’ve still not managed to master.  It’s a tough job working out when he is serious and when he is pulling my leg.  I’ve learnt to decipher a little twinkle in the eye, but there’s a lot to learn in that area!

When it comes to the love that Joe and Jen share, there are no overly exuberant outward displays of their love for each other.  What emanates from them instead is a quiet, solid kind of love, clearly built on respect and friendship.  It is a lovely thing to watch and is evident in every photo from the day.

Thank You, Joe and Jen, we hope you get as much enjoyment from looking at your memories as we have had creating them.







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Ryan and Lauren – The Wedding

The wedding of Ryan and Lauren was my last for this wedding season, and one I had been eagerly awaiting.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a country girl right down to my boots, which is rarely appreciated in the big smoke.  It’s a bit of a joke amongst my friends, who like to tease me about my yeehaing and country music.  So when I asked Ryan what style of music they would be having and he said, “um, yeah, probably just all country” for a minute I thought he was winding me up.

I then remembered Lauren telling me how both she and Ryan were from the country and how their wedding would be at Penny’s Hill and be a small, intimate country affair.  Giddyup!  Excitement plus.

When we arrived on the morning of the wedding, we found Lauren and the women from her family preparing for the day.  Just when I didn’t think I could get more excited – on the bench I spot Lauren’s mum’s thermomix.  Truly, I discovered I was born into the wrong family, or adopted at birth.  And I would feel so very blessed to be in this family, with the love and kindness shown to one another throughout the day.

When the girls went to get dressed I do believe I heard angels singing when I witnessed Lauren’s boots in all their glory. :)   I didn’t think I could handle any more beauty in one day until the flowers were delivered.  As always, the ladies from the McLaren Vale florist excelled themselves.

I always love the first moment that a dad sees his little girl all dressed up for her wedding.


























Without a shadow of a doubt however, all of this paled in comparison to the love between Ryan and Lauren.  It is both genuine and palpable – and so obvious to all around them.  They instantly relax in each others company and start having the best time.  Sigh.

I do love the calmness of country men.  When I said to Ken, “SMILE” he looked at me after this shot with a puzzled look and said… “I AM SMILING” :)

The rest of the reception was a testament to the joy that lives within this group of family and friends.  We had SUCH a great time.  Thank You for having us and we can’t wait to see you when you get back.


Lia and Isabel



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Sheila & John Goodridge - Hi Lia & Isabel

What great photos. You captured the day perfectly. We are Lauren’s aunt & uncle and we traveled from Perth to attend the big day. Lauren looked absolutely stunning in her dress – and her boots were the best ever!! The whole day was just as Lauren & Ryan wanted it to be and their families surrounded them with love and laughter.

Sheila & John

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Ben and Lissy-Lou… The Wedding

My journey with Melissa began a very long time ago, before our littlest bebe came along.  Melissa had asked about my availability for her wedding and I had said that I was unable to be her photographer, as I was about to embark on an around Australia trip with my family.  Shortly after this, we were blessed with news of a new family member and change of plans.  So I was thrilled to receive an email from Melissa last year, asking if I was now able to photograph her wedding and of course replied with a resounding YES!

The first thing I noticed when I went to meet with Ben and Liss in their home, was their brand new family member, who was a little hard to avoid.  Luckily I adore fur babies of all kinds and was showered with sloppy kisses before Ben sent the baby out. :)  From there, it was down to wedding business.   I was thrilled to learn that the ceremony would be at Scotch College, being that I attended Scotch for the first part of my secondary schooling, before we moved to the Country.  It is truly one of the most breathtaking buildings in Adelaide and one I was looking forward to seeing again.

Ben and Liss met while in London, at the insistence of chief bridesmaid, Em.  As they told me about their first, second and subsequent meetings and proposal, I was happily surprised to notice a softening of Ben’s tough exterior as it became quite clear early on what a softy he actually is where Liss is concerned.  (As time wore on it became apparent that Ben is actually a softy most of the time but don’t tell anyone that)!

As we progressed further into the planning, I learnt of Liss’s broken heart when she found out that her bestie, Em, was now not going to be able to make it from London.  When I asked her if there would be a new member of the bridal party, Liss replied “people asked me if I was going to ask anyone else in Em’s place… but how can you replace your best friend?!”

While you can’t replace a best friend, you can have two of the most perfect bridesmaids ever around, to take care of every possible need.  Being that Lou is Ben’s sister, we could see that Liss felt as welcomed as possible into the Dolan family.  She was well looked after Em, and it was lovely to meet you on Skype.


The girls were looked after superbly by the staff at The Crowne Plaza in Adelaide,  while the team from Erdelyi Hair and Body added some polish to the naturally beautiful Melissa, Louise and Shannon.

I was blown away to learn that Mel’s flowers were done by a close friend of hers with a beautiful talent, Kasey.  (For real, young lady, you must follow this)!

If you can’t tell, Mel’s perfect, wonderful, gorgeous dress was designed by Liza Emanuele and drew gasps and admiration from all corners.  Although we could be a little biased in thinking she wears it well!

The ceremony at Scotch College was performed by Mel’s cousin, Emily Davis, from One Perfect Day Ceremonies.  I meet lots of lovely people in this industry, but I just couldn’t speak highly enough of Emily.  Thanks for making our life easier and Ben and Melissa’s day amazing. :)

I’m not sure if anyone remembers a day recently which was a touch warm – this was it.  And while I could go on about exactly how far into the 40′s it went – truthfully, we were all too busy looking on at Ben and Liss to notice much.  When we arrived at the Belair Railway and National Park – it was very pleasant indeed and by the time we arrived at The Bridgewater Mill, it was a pleasure to be outside on such a lovely day.

Laura and team at The Bridgewater Mill Restaurant  outdid themselves – as usual.   The reception was spectacular, with tunes provided by Zoe Alford (Thank You Zoe, you were amazing).

We all learnt a thing or two during the speeches, including a Gavin and Stacey reference that had several people gasping with laughter and gave this reaction from Ben and Liss.

Followed by a speech written by Emily for Melissa and read by Em’s Dad.

I know I have been collecting brides this year, but it’s absolutely not my fault that I have had the pleasure of working with such beautiful souls.  I often wish couples luck in their future, but there is no need in this case.  It is certain that you will have a rock solid future together and Isabel and I Thank You from the bottom our hearts for letting us be there for the start of it.


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Melissa Dolan - I just had to have another look at this Lia, I’m in love with all of the pictures! Ben and I had the most perfect day, even better than we could have hoped for… and you and Isabel have managed to capture all of it so beautifully. Thank you, thank you, thank you xx

Melissa Dolan - I just had to have another look at this Lia, I’m in love with all of these pictures! Ben and I had the most perfect day, even more perfect than we had imagined… and you and Isabel have captured it all so beautifully. Thank you, thank you, thank you! xx

liahealy - You are SO welcome. We had the best time, I can’t wait for you to see the rest tonight. XO

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Rob and Kylie – The Wedding

I love every one of my Brides and Grooms.  Yep, every single one of them.  For different reasons – sometimes I adore a bride’s smile, sometimes a groom’s sense of humour.

Driving home from this wedding, I said to my ever patient co-shooter, Isabel, “Do you think it would be weird if I invited Rob and Kylie over for dinner?  Is that a bit weird?  I just want to keep them, they are adorable”.

I already knew, from meeting Kylie previously, that she was an amazing person.  When I had the chance to witness Kylie’s interactions with her family on her wedding day, it became quickly apparent that they all felt this way.  Meeting Rob, it was immediately clear that Kylie had met perhaps the only person in the world who could hold a candle to her.   <3  <3  Together, these two will be the kindest, most fun parents to some little people in the near future and I can’t help but think these kiddies will be the luckiest kids in the world.

When Isabel and I arrived at The Intercontinental, we were met by the La Bella Sposa Girls, working their beauty magic and providing the giggles and atmosphere that make a wedding day special right from the start.  The rest of the ‘getting ready’ time was filled with more laughing, more love and then tears as Aunty and Aunty came and saw their girl transformed into a glowing bride.


We headed over to The Adelaide Convention Centre, where the beautiful Carol Maxwell performed Rob and Kylie’s ceremony in the Riverbank Courtyard.  Rob had previously worked at the Convention Centre, so I’m sure that they took special care with Rob and Kylie’s wedding.  However this was the first time that I received a phone call during the week from a wedding venue, to touch base and ask if there was anything they could do to help me on the night.  Professional PLUS.  Thank You, Jo Kelly and team.

The dee-lish-ous cake was from Cocolat and the Flowers were from Flowers by Rita.

I always adore having a Photobooth at weddings, the photos from them are hilarious.  Big shout out to The Photobooth People, who were accommodating and friendly all night.







All in all, I don’t think anyone could have pulled off a more fabulous wedding.  It was wonderful to be a part of it, Thank You so much for asking me and only the best wishes for the future.






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Kylie - Wow! Love the photos, amazing Lia! Love all the little things you captured I’m in awe!!! :)

Alicia - Sensational photo’s! It was a privledge to be a part of Rob and Kylie’s wedding day. You truely captured the essence of them xxx

Isabel - Gorgeous, gorgeous, amazing work Lia. Kylie and Rob you guys really are as fabulously gorgeous as Lia describes. Such a joy to be able to help capture your wedding day.

Kellie - Wow! Beautiful photography. Kylie and Rob look extremely happy together!

Sarah - Most beautiful photos of my gorgeous girl and my sis and bro in law look okay ;) What an amazing talent you have Leah

liahealy - Ha! LOL. There are more of your gorgeous girl coming. And you’re right, you all look FABULOUS. XO

Rachel Hodson - Wow, i was expecting great photos but these are amazing! and you have gone the extra mile by adding your personal commentary! So very beautiful! Yes, Kylie and Rob are one amazing couple, and i know they will be very old and cute together some day… that would make great pics too! lol!
Thank you for capturing the precious moments of their special day in the most perfect way! xxxx Rach

marika - The most awesome group of girls. . Looking forward to working with Lia again.

From the girls of La Bella Spos

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